Who are we?

A benchmark operator in the French security market.

Headed by Alexandre Hollander, security and crisis management expert, Amarante helps its clients to make and develop investments in countries that are hard to get into.

Our business

Amarante's business is based on the identification, prevention and management of risks and threats. Our experts provide protection for property, people, technology and information in the business sector.

Our expertise

Amarante offers added value in the form of its quality managementpersonnel and ability to deploy each of its employees directlyand effectively.

Even when working on a long-term assignment with clients, Amaranteconsultants continue to be trained and supported by a responsivemanagement team that is always on hand.

Ever since its foundation, Amarante has continuously extended its offer, which now covers all business security requirements.

Amarante operates a global approach to safety and security. It enables businesses to address riskrelated issues far upstream of their projects, and implement solutions on the ground.