Technical assistance in high-risk areas

Companies seeking new opportunities abroad often face significant security challenges. When conquering new markets, companies must limit the risks their personnel is exposed to.

Benefitting from technical assistance in high-risk areas allows companies to seize opportunities and operate in challenging environments, by having highly qualified technical experts that operate regularly in hostile environments manage these risks for them.

Our Offer

Thanks to our team, largely composed of former members of the technical corps of the armed forces, Amarante offers firms the opportunity to outsource certain technical positions in order to allow them to operate in high-risk areas.

Our expertise was developed initially to assist the French defense industry in the set-up and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure. Amarante expertise allows:

  • Firm Managers
    To manage the safety and security risks
    their staff is exposed to
  • Project Managers
    To employ a skilled, resilient workforce with flexible employment terms
  • Business Departments
    To seize business opportunities in hostile environments the company would not be able to operate in otherwise

Our Solutions

Provision of:

  • Operating Managers
  • Cable and Antenna Installers
  • Technical Operators
  • Network and System Administrators



Amarante’s +

  • Renowned experience in highly unstable environments put at the service of major players in the industry
  • Comprehensive solutions, tailored to the needs of each client