Security Consulting and Management

Structuring security policies and associated procedures is a major challenge for organisations. Indeed, the protection of the company's assets is the priority to every single manager, and only the formalisation of the protection processes can effectively protect them. Preparing an organisation permits to be more resilient in the event of a crisis and ensures a better defence in the event of legal proceedings.

Our Offer

Through its recognized expertise, Amarante supports organisations in the implementation of their security policies or systems, in the study or deployment phase.

Amarante's approach combines expertise, an agile method, and knowledge of a wide range of business sectors in many different areas. This approach allows us to offer tailor-made and pragmatic solutions to the organisations we support.

Our Solutions

Risk analysis, feasibility studies, security concept, cost of a security system, continuation of activities in high-risk areas, Amarante supports organisations to better understand their security issues when setting up their projects.

Amarante supports organisations in defining or implementing a global security architecture: general security policy, organisation and management of security, incident, and crisis management, etc. 

Amarante advises organisations for the conception of operational systems for a project, a subsidiary or a site: assessment and audits, security plans, travel management, crisis management or business continuity, support in the selection or management of security providers, etc.




Amarante’s +

  • Experts with solid experience in different sectors of activity and various sizes of companies

  • An interactive and pragmatic approach

  • A network and a worldwide presence