International business mobility assistance

In a globalised economy, business travel has become a necessity for companies seeking to grow and develop.

However, international mobility is not only about business opportunities. If poorly prepared or supervised, it can also be a source of multiple risks for the company and its staff. From physical risks for employees abroad, to civil and criminal legal risks for the employer and even business risks for subsidiaries or development projects (infrastructure breaches, data theft, etc.).

The safety of business travellers has thus become a major issue for all businesses.

Our Offer

With this in mind, Amarante International has used its various expertise to develop the Assistance to International Business Mobility offer. Combining consulting services, assistance and innovative digital tools (online platform and mobile application), this offer enables companies of all sizes to prevent and manage all risks associated with the international travel of their employees.

Based on innovative digital tools and Amarante's know-how in providing security assistance to companies in hostile environments, these solutions enable:

  • Business Travellers
    To benefit from assistance and support throughout
    their business trips
  • Security Managers and Executives
    To have an innovative digital tool for risk identification
    and management
  • Institutions and Businesses
    To access an assistance service capable of addressing all of their needs, from information to crisis management


Our Solutions

Operated by a specialised centre, it brings together security experts and doctors, that can provide information, as well as health and safety advice both before and during business trips.

Through a dedicated online platform and mobile application, staff and managers have permanent access to medical and security information, as well as innovative travel management tools (traveller geolocation, Safety Check, Panic button ...).

The Business Mobility Assistance offer provides easy access to the network of subsidiaries and health and safety service providers that Amarante has on all five continents. This allows us to provide decision-making support, repatriation services, organise and coordinate evacuations, provide armed escorts and Meet & Greet security, arrange hospitalizations, and the follow-up of medical records...

Our team


Les + d’Amarante

  • A flexible offer, tailored to the specific needs and constraints of companies of all sizes (a menu approach to a wide range of services, fully bilingual French / English staff ...)
  • A comprehensive offer, intended to assist managers throughout the planning and unfolding of every trip