Aerospace, Defense & High-tech industries

The protection of advanced technologies, in particular those related to defense and aerospace industries, is a major issue of sovereignty for States. This issue is all the more relevant in the current economic context. As new global powers emerge, they become aggressively competitive in these fields that they are eager to make part of their economy.

Moreover, it is vital for European commercial aerospace industries (launch operators, satellite builders, innovative firms, etc.) to be able to operate securely. Therefore, it is particularly important to protect their highly innovative and complex information systems against threats such as malicious software and reverse engineering.

Our Offer

Since 2008, Amarante has developed a unique and highly recognised expertise in the fields of aerospace activities and defense, offering State and private-sector actors solutions to protect their technological systems.

These solutions are intended to protect these systems from malicious softwares or any reverse engineering attempt. These protection solutions are particularly useful when these systems are developed in cooperation with sensitive foreign partners or when they are subject to importation restrictions (ITAR, CIEMG, etc.).


Our Solutions

Amarante offers a wide range of services throughout the secured product’s life-cycle:

  • Threat Analysis
  • Support to design secured information systems
  • Implementation of insurance solutions provided by a trusted third-party
  • Securing of high-stake international technical partnerships
  • Compliance Support



Amarante’s +

  • A unique and highly-regarded expertise on the protection of high-tech industries developed over 10 years of experience in the field of aerospace
  • Forward-thinking experts with diverse profiles that think outside the box to design functional, efficient and fitting solutions for every context and every need
  • The ability to develop capacities on our own or through strategic partnerships in order to address emerging threats, including cyberthreats