Photo Maxime Fuentes
Member of the Board of Directors, Managing Director AMARANTE Académie, Key Account Director and Crisis Unit Management

Maxime Fuentes is the Executive Director of Amarante Académie, a dedicated platform to security and safety trainings created by the merger of Auriex and Amarante International since 2020. 

Founder of Auriex in 2010, Maxime has put all his efforts for its strategic and operational development. Thanks to his creative and multi-skills nature, he developed modern and efficient processes in the field of tactical medicine. Within a few years, he succeeded in raising Auriex to a notorious level of excellence. 

With his background at the Belgian Ministry of Belgium to the “Aidman Special operations” unit, Maxime has operated several times in war zones and hostile security environments, particularly in Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the most unstable countries in Africa. Within this military frame, he has been decorated, and he places his experience as a pledge of seriousness and reliability.