Certifications and ethics


As a leading European actor in the private security sector, Amarante International advises and supports public, international and private organizations to protect their key resources. Amarante International delivers risk analysis services, security systems design and operational solutions to protect the people, the property, the employees, sensitive information and the integrity of organisations.

The services offered by Amarante International include the direct management and/or the management through subcontracting of security operations, including in complex environments. In the context of these operations, Amarante International is committed to applying a set of rules aimed at the protection its clients, employees, subcontractors and other external stakeholders such as the local communities, while always respecting human rights and the legal provisions in force in each country of operation.

In order to demonstrate its firm commitment to abide by this commitment, Amarante International has obtained ISO 18788:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 certifications for all its security operations worldwide. The corresponding Statement of Conformance can be downloaded through the following link: Statement of Conformance


Macaron ISO


Amarante International has established an internal whistleblowing system that enables its employees, consultants, subcontractors, outsourced staff, customers and other external stakeholders (such as local communities or NGOs) to warn the company about any potential violations of the applicable legal and regulatory standards, or of the internal rules established at Amarante International's initiative. 

Amarante International pays particular attention to respect human rights, as well as the specific requirements included in the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) and the company’s own Code of Conduct and Ethics, to which it is fully committed.

Therefore, this whistleblowing system constitutes a complementary and voluntary measure that does not replace the traditional reporting channels that already exist within Amarante (line management, Human Resources Manager, Quality Manager or statutory auditors).

Facts, information or documents covered by national defence secrecy, medical secrecy or the secrecy of relations between a lawyer and his client are excluded from the protection granted to whistleblowers.



Alerts can be sent confidentially by email to compliance@amarante.com. 

An initial response will be provided by a member of Amarante International's Ethics Committee within five working days of receipt of the message by the company.


Commitments of the whistleblower

The whistleblower will act in good faith, without malice, malicious intent or to obtain a personal reward or compensation (other than appropriate compensation, if any).

Otherwise, he or she may not benefit from the whistleblower's protection and may even be subject to criminal prosecution as per the applicable regulations.

The whistleblower must have direct knowledge of the facts reported (and not through the intermediary of a third party).


Commitments of Amarante International

No negative action will be taken against a person who has used the whistleblowing mechanism in good faith.

Amarante International guarantees that all communications will be treated confidentially and anonymously. With the exception of judicial authorities, any element that could identify the whistleblower will only be disclosed with his or her consent. Facts will only be disclosed with the issuer's authorization.

Amarante International will promptly and impartially investigate the constitutive elements of the whistleblowing case, under the strict respect of the legal rules applicable for the protection of the source.

Amarante International will cooperate in all circumstances with any official investigations that may be undertaken.

Amarante International will take immediate disciplinary action if the facts reported justify it, including as applicable the exclusion of employees, consultants or sub-contractors.

Amarante International will ensure compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) of 2016, the French Data Protection Act of 1978 and the CNIL reference frame of 2019. 

Only the data necessary for the purposes of processing the case referred by the whistleblower will be collected and processed. Any new use of the data will respect the principles of personal data protection. All personal data will be destroyed within two months of the completion of the internal investigation.

In addition to the present whistleblowing mechanism, employees, consultants, subcontractors, outsourced staff, clients and other external stakeholders may, if they wish, contact the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) or submit their case to the French ombudsman (Défenseur des droits) in order to be directed to the appropriate body to transmit the case.



Because of their effect, actual or potential, on its ability to provide a safe operation in compliance with requirements, Amarante International is always ready to respond to the needs of clients and stakeholders (internal and external).

Amarante International's management system gives clients and stakeholders (internal and external) the opportunity to provide feedback (positive and/or negative) regarding compliance with their requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Customers and stakeholders can contact the company's Ethics Committee through the company's website on the certification and ethics page using the "contact us" section or the following email address: compliance@amarante.com 

An initial response will be provided by one of the members of the Amarante International Ethics Committee within five working days following the date of receipt of the message.

A complaint management procedure (4-AmC-02) is communicated to clients and stakeholders at their request. Any complaint from a client or stakeholder is handled in accordance with this procedure.