Assistance to government institutions

To varying degrees, government institutions are increasingly focusing their activities and resources on their most essential functions. States therefore seek to outsource certain activities and they solicit the expertise of private sector actors.

The quality and adaptability of the French and, more generally, European approach to security, allows us to put our expertise to the service of foreign government institutions.

Our Offer

Since its creation, Amarante has been trusted by several French and European government agencies. Our team of highly-qualified experts with international experience is able to share their know-how and advise States on a wide variety of subjects in the field in security.


Since 2017, our partnership with the Themiis Institute has allowed Amarante, itself a key player in the field of security trainings, to broaden the range of services we provide to States and peacekeeping missions

Our Solutions

Amarante provides domestic and international institutions with highly-qualified experts who can support them in the design of their safety and security strategies.

Our experienced experts, most of them former members of elite units of the French Special Forces, deliver trainings in: Policing, Counter Terrorism, Protection and Intervention, Close Protection, and Demining (DOE).

Amarante secures and protects critical infrastructures against the risks of intrusion, aggression and terrorist attacks. We provide advice to government institutions in matters of security protocols and safety standards.

Amarante is one of the few firms to have experts capable of designing global security plans for complex industrial and institutional sites amongst our team.

Several French government institutions have put their trust in Amarante, due to is unique set of expertise in infrastructure protection.

Amarante puts its know-how in the protection of sensitive technologies to the service of French and European institutions, seeking to ensure the integrity and security of national strategic information systems and technologies, as well as equipment for export.

With its extensive experience in airport security, Amarante is able to operate as a subcontractor for State authorities in order to ensure the safety of international airports.

Amarante’s +

  • Experience with several French government institutions
  • Renowned expertise in training with multiple State security agencies