SMEs and mid-caps

The search for new international growth drivers has become a staple strategy for SMEs and mid-caps. In 2018, more than 20,000 of them expanded their activities abroad, highlighting the increasing importance of exports in the development dynamics of economic actors.

International growth is an undisputed source of opportunity. Yet, it is also a considerable risk for decision-makers, which requires the implementation of security measures. Despite its importance, however, this aspect of risk management  remains overlooked by SMEs and mid-caps, either by lack of internal expertise or due to budget constraints.

In order to face emerging international threats and the increasingly complex legal framework governing staff mobility, structuring a solid security policy is at the heart of sustainable of international projects.

How do I measure the risks my international project is exposed to?

Am I in conformity with my legal obligations as an employer?

How to inform my employees of the risks related to their travel abroad?

What security measures should I implement to secure my investment?

Our Offer

Capitalising on more than ten years of experience with high-profile accounts and institutions, Amarante has developed an offer specifically dedicated to SMEs/mid-caps. Adaptable in accordance with the identity, the project and the size if the company, this turnkey offer gathers a large array of services, allowing to anticipate risks as early as the project phase, to respond the employer’s legal obligations and to secure the investment.

Deployed through integrated services or via a complete externalisation of security functions, the Amarante offer can be specifically adapted to each firm’s organisation.

Supported by the Groupe SERIS, Amarante has locations near SMEs and mid-caps in different regions in order to support clients and respond effectively to their specific needs.



Amarante's +

  • A unique local contact
  • Custom-made solutions for your needs
  • Your constraints taken into account
  • Simple and easily deployable tools
  • A synergy of services with several partners (insurances, brokers, human resources)