Risk analysis

Our Offer

ARISE Geopolitical Analysis is a centre of expertise based in Paris and supported by a geographical and thematic analysts team based in our subsidiaries abroad. The analysis team monitors geo-security risks in sensitive areas, assesses their impact, and provides operational recommendations using effective and innovative tools.

This approach enables:

  • Company Managers
    To anticipate the various threats that can affect their investments and activities in the medium and long run, notably thanks to ARISE prospective analyses.
  • Security Managers
    To ensure the implementation of security measures is consistent with the risks characterising the local environment and benefit from decision-making support throughout their activities.
  • French public institutions
    To rely on a detailed and precise analysis of the security environment in the area where their projects are located, supported by a long-term relationship of trust.
  • European and international institutions 
    To benefit from an outsourced capacity to analyse and synthesise the risks associated with their operations to ensure their personnel’s protection and support their decision-making process.

Our Solutions

The analytical briefs provide an in-depth outlook of a country, a zone or a specific theme. This comprehensive and prospective analysis enables decision-makers to rely on a complete and long-term vision of the different risks to their projects and activities.

These security reviews are trend monitoring and decision-making tools for managers, taking the form of customisable and period publications summarising the main socio-political and security developments in a country or a region and assessing the need to adapt to security measures set up by the company/ organisation. They are based on a low granularity mapping capability and statistical databases for incident monitoring.

These tailor-made reports offer a synthetic and cartographic analysis of security risks in a given area (city, region, country) and operational recommendations prior to launching a project or staff travels or later on for crisis management purposes.

The annually produced security risk map provides immediate visibility on the geographical distribution of risk and supports the implementation of security measures adapted to each area’s characteristics, particularly in the same country. The security risk map reflects ARISE’s ability to address security issues on a global scale.

The security passports are interactive country guides that accompany business travellers at every stage of their trip to a given country, informing them and providing recommendations when facing different security risks.

Security alerts are issued 24/7 to keep travellers informed in real-time of events and incidents likely to affect their safety and offer recommendations on how to act accordingly. These alerts cover security, terrorist, socio-political, health and natural risks.

The dedicated 24/7 hotline provides personalised security information, recommendations, and crisis management support.


Amarante’s +

  • Concise and graphic productions adapted to the specific constraints of all types of professions.
  • Information targeted to the specific needs of each company, systematically combining synthesis and relevance.
  • Fully customisable solutions (frequency, geographical area, theme, language, etc.)
  • A network of diversified sources enabling real-time monitoring of risk developments.
  • Productions in French, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.