Risk analysis

Our Offer

Amarante Risk Intelligence (ARI) brings together specialised analysts that identify and monitor security risks, assess their impact and provide recommendations through effective and innovative information tools.

This approach allows:

  • Business Travellers
    To be prepared to face potential security threats abroad
    with the support of a team of experts available 24/7
  • Expatriates and subsidiary managers
    To understand the security challenges specific to
    their deployment areas
  • Investors and project managers
    To anticipate, thanks to analytical forecasts, the multidimensional threats that may affect their investments and activities abroad in the medium and long terms
  • Security Managers
    To ensure the implemented security strategies respond adequately to the specific risks endemic to the local environment thanks to out consulting services

Our Solutions

These tailor-made products provide insights on a given geographical zone or situation. They allow decision-makers to have a long-term perspective on the risks their projects and activities are exposed to.

A periodical publication that allows decision-makers to follow security trends. It summarises the main sociopolitical and security developments of a country and region, and assesses the need to adapt the firm’s security strategies.

A smart country guide that informs and advises business travellers to help them manage the risks they might be exposed to during their trips.

Issued 24/7, our alerts keep travellers updated in real time on events that may affect their safety. They also provide advice on how to manage any given situation.

Through our 24/7 hotline, we provide personalised security information and recommendations, as well as crisis management support.

The Security Risk Map is a visual representation of the geographical distribution of the security risk trends observed through our daily monitoring and the analysis of over 30 risk factors. It helps tailor security strategies to the specificities of each zone, at the global and national levels.

Amarante’s +

  • Concise and visually engaging publications adapted to the client’s needs
  • Tailor-made solutions that take into account the time-frame, the geographical area, language and specific subject matters
  • Targeted information adapted to the specific needs of each company