Protection of technologies and industrial information systems

In the face of threats such as espionage, reverse engineering and malware, the protection of technical innovations and complex industrial systems has become a major concern for many leading industries and critical infrastructure operators.

Effectively protecting industrial technologies and information systems requires a carefully planned strategy. Indeed, the securitisation of these infrastructures requires a multidimensional approach, due to their interdependence and complexity. These security solutions require high-quality expertise in both physical and digital security.

Our Offer

Amarante is one of the world's leading specialists in the implementation of security solutions to protect critical technologies and industrial information systems. Amarante Espace, the subsidiary dedicated to these operations, has been protecting European launchers for more than 10 years against the risks of sabotage, malware and reverse engineering in Europe and Guyana.

Amarante experts also protect technologies incorporated to satellite platforms launched from foreign sites. Our experts also assist in the implementation of safety protocols on critical industries.

Our Solutions

Amarante helps its clients identify the threats to which they may be exposed to throughout the development, distribution and operation phases of their innovation process. We also provide support in the design of security systems aimed at protecting innovations and securing international cooperation. Amarante offers tailored solutions to ensure the security and traceability of hardware flows and critical or high value technologies.

By performing security audits of critical sites and complex industrial systems, Amarante identifies existing gaps and insufficiencies in the security features of organisations and provides solutions to address them.

Through thorough knowledge of the national regulations in terms of protection of personal data, protection of the scientific and technical heritage and the safety of activities of vital importance, Amarante can provide compliance solutions to its clients.

Through these publications, we deliver information on specific topics (cryptography, security protocols, etc.), accompanied by an expert analysis that takes into account the local security context.



Amarante’s +

  • A unique and renowned expertise on technology security, developed over nearly 10 years of experience in the space industry
  • A diverse team of experts that can think "outside the box" to provide pragmatic and efficient personalised solutions
  • An ability to securely process, store and relay confidential information and data
  • Partnerships with key players in the field of cybersecurity, which allows us to put together hybrid teams and have a multidimensional approach
  • A high degree of responsiveness and effective customer follow-up thanks to our efficient organisation (a single designated contact per case)