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Located in the very north of South America, Venezuela is a major energy power, with the largest proven reserves of crude oil and the fourth largest of natural gas. The country also has vast mineral and water resources, as well as significant agricultural potential. Despite this wealth, the country has been in deep political and economic crisis for several years. Access to basic resources (such as water and electricity) is very uncertain throughout the country. In addition, Venezuela has endemic violent crime and a structurally degraded security environment. This fragile social and security context requires specialised support for any project development in Venezuela.

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Based in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, VINSA Grupo AMARANTE has operational capabilities throughout the country. The subsidiary operates in the field of close protection, Meet & Greet and VIP transfers in armoured vehicles, protection of people, property and infrastructure, and operational support. VINSA Group AMARANTE also offers security consulting services, risk analysis, and evacuation and logistics capabilities throughout Venezuela, which have already been used by major public and private sector players.

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