Crisis management

Crisis situations can put organisations and firms under dire stress conditions. Blackmail, extortion attempts, hostage-taking situations, emergency evacuations, social crises... These complex phenomena can be a threat to the integrity and cohesion of any organisation.

Preparedness and effective crisis management are therefore of utmost importance. Preparedness enhances resilience, strengthening the organisation as whole.

Our Offer

With extensive experience in the management of various types of crises (including the most complex cases of hostage taking), Amarante provides support and advice to the crisis management department and management of several organisations.

Amarante’s technical support not only ensures optimal crisis management, but also makes sure activities can continue throughout the resolution process. We operate rationally and methodically in highly emotional situations.

Our Solutions

Amarante offers trainings in the setup and management of a crisis unit, negotiations and management of crisis situations. Our trainings allow our clients to develop crisis management skills tailored to their needs. The trainings often feature simulations to test the operational capacities of the firm in terms of crisis management.

Amarante can provide assistance to the crisis management units of firms and organisations. Our highly-trained personnel can provide advice and technical support during crisis of various kinds.




Amarante’s +

  • A significant experience in crisis management. Amarante has worked on a dozen of critical scenario situations, mostly for non-profit organisations
  • A renowned expertise accredited by key players in the field of crisis management