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Travel risk management

The protection of staff when travelling is one of the most critical issues for all organisations. Indeed, the legal framework for personnel on international business trips has been strengthened since business travellers and their families have been able to hold their employers liable in court in the event of attacks, terrorist attacks or hostage-taking. Employees travelling for business or expatriation have solid legal cover and their employers are bound to inform, train and protect them against the risks inherent in their trip.

Our offer

Aware of the need for its clients to protect their employees in all situations, Amarante has designed an offer adapted to their needs, made up of several services and products.

These include :

  • OVERSEES, available in web and mobile versions, which allows managers to inform, locate and communicate with their employees abroad;
  • E-learning "Managing your security abroad", with two modules enabling you to acquire simple reflexes before and during a trip.

Our solutions

From the outset, Amarante was designed as a company bringing together very high level experts in various fields.

The first contracts of the group were indeed expertise contracts (space protection, close protection or even protection of critical infrastructures). Today, Amarante brings together 9 areas of expertise, making it possible to offer integrated and tailor-made solutions to respond to any type of security problem.

Our solutions

  • Oversees : their security is your priority
    Through an online portal and a mobile application, OVERSEES provides information and functionality to reduce the risks inherent in business mobility and manage incidents. In particular, the solution allows you to :
    • Inform its users via access to a risk map, country files and alerts from a 24/7 monitoring system;

    • Locate employees on the move via a geolocation system, ticketing tracking and manual declaration of trips;

    • Create channels for communication via a panic button connected to a 24/7 hotline, a safety check or a messaging system.

  • E-learning : "managing your security abroad"

    Amarante has developed an e-learning course "Managing your security abroad". Composed of two modules, this e-learning can be integrated into each client's LMS or made accessible via the Amarante LMS. The e-learning aims to enable users to: 

    • Perceive security risks in order to anticipate, detect and react to them

    • Become aware that behaviour is a major source of risk exposure

    • Develop safety reflexes, especially in emergency situations


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