Fight against document fraud

Identity theft, the fraudulent use of travel documents, and the illegal access to public funds, are rising threats for States and governments.

The constantly-evolving, innovative techniques and tactics employed by fraudsters need to be addressed with heightened vigilance and a particular set of expertise on these issues of national interest.

Our Offer

Since 2009, Amarante has developed cutting-edge expertise in the fight against document fraud. Nowadays we put this expertise mainly to the service of the air-transport industry, and of French and foreign government entities.

With a permanent presence at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, the Amarante team works daily to tackle these challenges alongside public authorities. Our expertise has been put to the service of 8 airlines, on 6 airports in France and abroad.

Our Solutions

We provide trainers, profilers, and experts in document verification and fraud detection.

We provide strategies and standard operational procedures (SOPs), training manuals, and fact sheets.

We provide awareness raising seminars, and trainings in false document detection and profiling techniques.

Our analysts carry out a daily monitoring and provide insightful analysis on migration flows and closely follow the evolution of the situation as well as international norms and regulations on the matter.

Amarante’s +

  • An expertise that is fine-tuned every day, and has been put to the service of public and private sector actors for the past 8 years
  • Long-term, trust-based relationships with public authorities (customs, diplomatic entities and territorial administrations)
  • A highly-qualified team with strong operational skills