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Asia - particularly East and Southeast Asia - is known for its diversity and economic dynamism. Its growing middle class, as well as as its strategic position in various economic sectors, such as new technologies, energy and the textile industries, make Asia a land of possibilities.

However, the region also presents several difficulties for foreign investors, both in terms of regulation (with issues of corruption or industrial espionage) and understanding of the market and its players. The security of personnel and infrastructures in certain parts of the region, prone to insurrection and vulnerable to natural hazards, also represents a major challenge.

Therefore, economic intelligence and the understanding of security risks are crucial to secure activities in this region.

Our Presence in the Region

Amarante has a network of subsidiaries covering 5 countries (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar), enabling it to operate in a large part of the region. We provide compliance and anti-fraud solutions, mainly for foreign companies seeking to expand their activities in the region.



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