Transport & Civil Engineering

Transport and civil engineering projects are key to the development of emerging economies. Projects in these industries tend to be located in high-risk areas, both in urban and rural environments. Although these sectors are known for their strong risk management culture, transport and civil engineering firms require the support of additional security teams in order to ensure the best possible security conditions are met for them to operate smoothly.

In addition to the risks inherent to the environment surrounding their activities, firms dedicated to transport and civil engineering must also face sector-specific risks (for instance, the risks associated to the use of heavy equipment), both in the construction and operating phases of their projects.

Our Offer

Amarante has extensive experience working with firms in these industries, particularly in Africa and Latin America. We thus provide solutions tailored to the needs of the sector. Our solutions rely on an overview of the entire project, which allows us to mitigate the risks that might arise during the operating phase of a project from its construction.

Our Solutions

  • Preliminary Impact assessments (project impact, socio-economic impact, environmental, security landscape..)
  • Business traveller assistance
  • Preliminary Infrastructure and environmental audits
  • Provision of HSE safety consultants
  • Monitoring and support throughout the operation phase



Amarante’s +

  • Extensive experience in supporting major infrastructure projects (railway projects, roads, dams, power stations, etc.)
  • Expertise in the operations of  mobile sites
  • A comprehensive safety and security approach