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Nigeria, in long form the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a West African country located on the Gulf of Guinea. With over 219 million inhabitants in 2021, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the sixth most populous country in the world. As the leading economic power on the African continent in 2016 and 27th in the world (GDP) according to the World Bank, its economic and demographic weight has earned it the nickname "the Giant of Africa". However, despite significant oil production and a diversified economy, the country remains relatively poor, particularly due to high levels of corruption. Its security situation also remains precarious and will be another challenge during the upcoming presidential elections in February 2023.

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Amarante Nigeria Ltd. was founded in 2009 and aims at providing a broad range of services in the areas of advisory, operational support services, training and safety and security project management in Nigeria. Amarante and its partners have extensive experience in Nigeria allowing us to ensure security services relying on solid local contacts (civilian as well as governmental), accurate and continual risk assessments, culturally sensitive approaches to resolving issues, and flexibility to local operational constraints.

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