Global reach


With an expanding middle class and abundant natural resources, Africa’s strategic relevance for international business development is on the rise. However, the continent is also characterised by a fragile security landscape, resulting from dire political crises, recurrent insurrections, a growing terrorist threat and numerous humanitarian crises.

These factors of instability, which are likely to hinder the development of this tremendous potential, make security a major issue for the future of this continent.

Our Presence in the Region

Amarante, fully aware of these challenges, placed Africa at the heart of its international development strategy.

Currently hosting 4 Group subsidiaries, Africa represents a major location for Amarante. Seeking to establish a long-term presence, our business strategy emphasised the importance of investing in locas resources. We employ nearly 420 staff on the continent, mixing local employees and international experts.

Building on this solid foundation, we are able to provide our clients in Africa tailor-made services adapted to the local business environment.



4 Branches
10 Permanent missions

Our people

419 Staff
43 Expatriates
376 Local employees