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As the media coverage of major sporting events continues to grow, the actors involved in their implementation have to cope with an increasing number of security, financial, legal and even reputational risks affecting their investments and employees. At the same time, organisations and sports clubs are constantly traveling around the world, whether for competition or recruiting new talents.

In this context, security issues have become a fundamental subject. Facing increasing threats that affect sport community and major events, clubs, federations and organisers must enhance their vigilance and preparation because any potential damage that may occur can engage their criminal responsibility.

Therefore, to ensure that sport competitions and trips take place in the best conditions, anticipation is key to determine a proper strategy to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified.

Our Offer

Capitalizing on more than 10 years of supporting public authorities and private structures in securing their activities, Amarante is now placing its security expertise at the service of organisations and sports clubs.

From the protection of scouts and players to securing sensitive information, Amarante provides a comprehensive solution addressing the security issues that affect players in the world of Sport, in France and abroad.

This approach ensures: 

The protection of properties
Facilities, stadiums and headquarters of sports organisations.

The protection of people
Players, staff and administrative personnel.

The protection of information
Such as transfers, or any other confidential data concerning sports organisations and their investments.

The perfect compliance
By fighting against problems such as counterfeit banknotes or accessories (jerseys, equipment, etc.).



Amarante's +

  • A security offer dedicated to the field of sport and major sporting events, conceived at the instigation of a former high-level sportsman who is aware of the specific issues related to this field.

  • A unique and recognized expertise in security on the entire French market and abroad.

  • Solutions can be fully customized according to the specific needs of each organisation, guaranteeing the perfect adaptability of the systems in place.