Compliance / Anti-fraud / Anti-counterfeiting

Compliance requirements are a real challenge for companies today. Faced with the proliferation of international laws in this area (Patriot Act, Sapin II), non-compliance is a critical and multifaceted risk (administrative and judicial sanctions, financial losses, reputation damage...).

Managing this risk is an oftentime complex task, due to the different regulatory requirements (often specific to each type of activity) and internal challenges and risk exposure (relations with entities with fraudulent practices). Moreover, in case of fraud or suspected fraud, companies must be able to react immediately and discreetly in order to put an end to it and to counter its effects.

Our Offer

Aware of these challenges, Amarante provides businesses with expertise focused on prevention. We provide compliance verifications before acquisitions or signing of major contracts, as well as efficient responses in case of suspected fraud.

This area of expertise, designed for businesses and industrial actors, allows:

  • CEOs or company executives:
    To control the information and assess the company’s current state in terms of compliance, to be advised on measures to implement for reducing risks, and to receive support in crisis situations.
  • Security or Legal Departments:
    To identify instances of fraud, to receive support for implementing investigation measures and dealing with dispute cases. 



Our Solutions

  • Analysis influence networks and stakeholders
  • Investigations / audits / fraud awareness raising
  • Economic (commercial, competitive, e-reputation, press), legal and security intelligence
  • Screening of companies and people
  • Investigations into counterfeits
  • Identification of parallel manufacturing or distribution networks
  • Internal investigations for companies under suspicion of fraud



Amarante’s +

  • An experienced team largely made up of former members of State intelligence services  
  • Innovative technical solutions in terms of research and cross-referencing
  • A global network