Intelligence stratégique


Business Intelligence & Compliance


In light of the intensification of unconventional risks - of political, legal, economic, financial, reputational nature – ARISE is dedicated to securing and advising private and public actors worldwide. We provide decision-makers with the essential information to master their environment so as to reduce the uncertainties surrounding their activities.

Our Offer

Drawing on its recognized expertise in business intelligence and compliance, ARISE supports the economic development of organizations by protecting them against any threats to their integrity, reputation, assets or regulatory status and by enabling them to seize opportunities in their ecosystem.

Our offer, which relies on a global network of experts and local sources, on artificial intelligence-powered digital tools and on a unique know-how regarding information gathering and analysis, is dedicated to:

  • Companies' General Management
    Looking to designe sectorial or international expansion strategies.
  • Partners of investment funds or private investor 
    Seeking to ensure the protection of their assets and the integrity of their investment targets.  
  • Legal & compliance officers
    Who need to develop and integrate anti-corruption and ESG compliance policies into their internal procedures.
  • Corporate security managers and law firms
    Faced with issues of counterfeiting, fraud, corruption, or in the midst of complex litigation or arbitration procedures in criminal and business law.
  • Local public actors, competitive clusters and locally established companies
    Wishing to strengthen and preserve local economic potential.


Our Solutions

•Competitive monitoring

•Stakeholders’ and networks’ mapping

•Due diligence

•Foreign market and industries analyses

•Business intelligence trainings

•Fight against fraud and counterfeiting

•Investigations to support litigation and arbitration processes

•Cybersecurity audits

•Crisis management

•Asset recovery solutions  


•Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML/CFT missions, third party analyses

•Due diligence on natural and legal persons and background checks on applicants

•Conception of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering procedures 

AUDIT 360° is a comprehensive offer that leverages all of Amarante's expertise. Complementary to the common transaction audits, this service is designed to support financial investors (investment funds, family offices, etc.) as well as strategic ones (in the context of companies’ external growth). 

AUDIT 360° aims at providing decision-makers with a tailor-made report that includes an in-depth analysis of the organisation's exposure to global risks. These risks may involve the four key assets: infrastructure, staff, research & development (R&D) and integrity (compliance & anti-fraud). Once the audit phase has been completed, a gap analysis is carried out to determine the efforts and costs needed to perform a full security upgrade of the acquisition target. Such expenses can then be integrated into the computation of the investment returns. 





Amarante’s +

  • Unique on-field operational capacities based on a broad network of experts located worldwide and the group’s 20 subsidiaries around the globe.
  • Tailor-made services carried out in complete discretion, with the utmost respect for confidentiality and ethical rules.
  • A diverse team of multilingual analysts, working with a wide range of cutting-edge open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools.
  • Experts from tier 1 universities (finance, law, political science…) and from high-level government services with a long-standing experience in business intelligence and compliance.