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Despite the stable political situation, Europe continues to face significant security challenges, foremost among which is a latent terrorist threat. The latest attacks have highlighted the persistent threats that jeopardise the protection of people and infrastructures and call for heightened vigilance at all times.

At the same time, the requirements in terms of compliance have become a major challenge for companies, which must adapt to increasingly stringent international regulations.

Our Presence in the Region

Europe, where our headquarters are based, is at the heart of Amarante's development. While international expansion has always been an essential part of our business strategy, our European culture continues to shape our approach, methodology and activities.

Moreover, with a presence currently spanning six European capitals, Amarante is closer to the companies and organisations it supports. Our clients include major governmental and international institutions (such as the European Union), and we are recognised as one of the leading experts in consulting services and the protection of critical infrastructures on the European continent.


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