Photo Jennifer Pasquali
Regulatory & Fraud Expert

Jennifer Pasquali joined Amarante in 2022 in the Facilitation Department which provides documentary and regulatory expertise. She is a regulatory and fraud expert, providing 24/7 HELPDESK assistance to Air France and KLM stations and she also participates in the missions of the INAD unit.

Jennifer started her career as a police rescue officer in the National Police and then she obtained her qualification as an investigation police officer. Jennifer spent thirteen years in the National Police, seven of which were spent in the Central Directorate of the Border Police (PAF). Within the Central Directorate of the Border Police, she worked for three years at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in the immigration department, and four years in a mobile brigade.

She also obtained the professional certification of forensics investigator of Homeland Security. Her experience at the Border Police enabled her to acquire skills in documentary fraud and cross-border regulations.