Head of the Digital Innovation and Travel Risk Management Solutions

Marcela has a 10-year experience in risk analysis, travel risk management and Duty of care solutions. She has also worked both in operations, sales and project management. She oversees both the deployment of our digital solutions into our client’s systems including key account management. She is also responsible for developing our network of digital partners and is also part of Amarante’s crisis management response team.

Marcela previously headed the Bid Management Department of Amarante in charge of the Coordination of responses to tenders in all of Amarante’s areas of activity and also headed between 2017 and 2020, AMARANTE Risk Intelligence, AMARANTE’s subsidiary dedicated to risk analysis where she oversaw all the security and political analysis publications and briefings for international institutions, governments and large corporations.

Marcela joined AMARANTE in 2013 as an analyst specialized in international security. She then served as a Project Manager in the Latin America Operations Department and as Coordinator of the Risk Analysis Department.

She holds a master’s degree in Finance and International Relations from the Universidad Externado of Colombia (Bogota, Colombia). Marcela completed her studies in France in the European Affairs Master Programme of Sciences Po Paris. She is French & Colombian national and fluent in Spanish, French and English, as well as Portuguese.