Risk exposure analysis

Amarante helps businesses to understand local issues and build their international development strategies in sensitive areas (choice of site location, validating potentialpartners, preparation for an official visit, etc.)

Viewed as distinct competitive advantage, mapping out the risks associated with an international development operation is now an indispensable and necessary requirement for winning new markets. It is just as important to anticipate the political, economic and cultural risks as it is to assess their impact on business activity.

Information gathered and analysed by Amarante from its many sources is therefore a concrete tool for businesses to use in their decision-making processes.

photo risk exposure analysis
Our solutions
  • Decoding networks
  • Due dilligence
  • Counterfeit risk management
  • Injury to reputation
  • Political analysis
  • Security analysis
  • Situation monitoring

Amarante has a vast network of specialists who can gather premium quality information on regional and topical issues. Assembled and analysed by its experts, this information enables Amarante to provide concrete operational solutions in response to the concerns of business managers.