The training of employees is now mandatory for all employers moving their company’s activities to hostile environments, regardless of the firm’s size. This approach is part of the duty of care, which must be at the heart of the company's international deployment strategy.

Moreover, safety trainings also allow employees to familiarise themselves with local cultural codes, an essential asset to the firm’s business development in foreign environments.

Our Offer

Drawing on a panel of experienced trainers, selected for both their expertise and their teaching skills, Amarante has developed a wide range of trainings designed to meet the specific needs of each employer in terms of international mobility.

Whatever the destination and duration of stay, Amarante's team of experts provides awareness and preparedness trainings for:

- Business travellers
- Expatriates and their families
- Security professionals
- Professionals in hostile environments

Our Solutions

These trainings aim to reinforce the business traveller’s or expatriate’s knowledge on their country of destination or a given geographical area. They also allow the trainee to learn fundamental safety behaviours, know the country’s current context, the risks specific to the destination, as well as the specificities of the local culture.

These trainings aim to reinforce the business traveller’s or expatriate’s knowledge on the general and specific risks to which they might be exposed, particularly when travelling to risky areas. Through practical exercises, the trainee will be able to learn the fundamentals of safety behaviour by becoming aware of their own values and reflexes in the face of stressful or risky situations.

To best meet the client's needs, Amarante designs and delivers trainings for specific sectors, such as the security field, in order to strengthen their capabilities. These training courses are tailor-made, and are aimed at people exposed to particular threats related their professional activities (journalists, humanitarian staff etc.).

There trainings provide intensive training for professionals in the management of high-risk situations in challenging environments. The situation and simulation-based training can take place in France or in the country of destination.



Amarante’s +

  • The content of our trainings is highly personalised. It takes into account many factors, such as the trainees’ profiles, their destinations, and their activity sectors
  • A multilingual service, Amarante can deliver its trainings in French and English, as well as in other languages according to clients’ needs
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trainers, with a pragmatic approach to the thematic specificities covered and the geographical areas (notably specialised analysts and former high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense)
  • Innovative visual supports in terms of content and design