Amarante International has established procedures, which allow staff, other stakeholders and third parties to report any potential violations of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA), company policies or illegal conduct.

Grievances and reports of breaches or violations of the ICoCA or company policies can be registered via a confidential dedicated number by contacting Amarante International (+33 6 34 59 83 93), which is available 24/7/365.

Alternatively, or in addition, an email can be sent to: ethics@amarante.com.

A member of Amarante International’s top management is responsible for responding to all calls or emails within 24 hours and provide a substantive response with 10 working days.

All calls and emails will be treated in confidence and can be anonymous. All reasonable efforts will be made to protect the identity of the complainant, which in any event will not be disclosed without their permission.

Amarante International undertakes to:

Promptly, and impartially investigate allegations, with due consideration to confidentiality and legal framework on the protection of personal data;

Securely maintain records regarding allegations, complaints, and findings of investigations or disciplinary measures. Unless protected by applicable law or otherwise prohibited, records will be made available to a relevant or competent authority on request;

At all times co-operate with official investigations, and require the full support of their staff as witnesses, for testimony and in investigations;

Take appropriate disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment in the case of a finding of breach or violation of the ICoCA, company policies or illegal conduct;

Ensure that staff, other stakeholders and third parties who report or disclose wrongdoings in good faith are protected against detriment for making such reports. Any individual raising such a concern is assured that the matter will be properly and promptly dealt with, and that he or she will not suffer any reprisals and will be provided with protection against any retaliation for making such reports. In the case of staff this to include shielding them from unwarranted or otherwise inappropriate disciplinary measures;

Appoint a top management member of Amarante International’s staff from whom staff who report or disclose potential violations of the ICoCA, company policies or illegal conduct may seek confidential advice and support.

Amarante International will exercise due diligence to ensure compliance with relevant national and international laws and promptly report violations of employees of criminal law, human rights abuses and breaches of humanitarian law to appropriate bodies.

Amarante International is also fully committed to addressing any and all reports of wrong doings, breaches or violations of the ICoCA or company policies, to that end staff, other stakeholders and third parties are therefore encouraged to report concerns.

In addition, grievances or whistle blowing reports by staff, other stakeholders and third parties might be sent directly to the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA).




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