Our team

In order to better face the new challenges in the field of security, Amarante's team integrates skills and expertise from both the military field (former executives of elite units of the French Armed Forces) and civilians (specialised engineers, graduates of elite higher education institutions).

Head of the Document Fraud Prevention Department

As part of Amarante Charles de Gaulle (CDG)'s INAD branch, Sun Tan is the Head of the Document Fraud Prevention Department.

Sun previously worked with Air France’s on-board security department for Document Control missions, particularly in Africa. In 2005, he joined the INAD unit, an expertise service for document fraud for the benefit of Air France (Asia and Africa), and provided trainings (North and West Africa). He joined the INAD AMARANTE CDG branch in June 2011, as Document Fraud Expert and Trainer for the detection of document fraud.

Sun was trained in the fight against document fraud by US, Canadian and French authorities in 2003.