Our team

In order to better face the new challenges in the field of security, Amarante's team integrates skills and expertise from both the military field (former executives of elite units of the French Armed Forces) and civilians (specialised engineers, graduates of elite higher education institutions).

François Czyba
Corporate and Civil Aviation Security Manager - Amarante América Latina

François Czyba has been collaborating with Amarante in Brazil since July 2015.

After obtaining a master’s degree in International Security at SciencesPo Paris in 2009, François Czyba went to live in Brazil and worked for the Oil and Gas Industry and the consulting firm in Business Intelligence, Interlira.

Today, François manages the relationship with several customers in Brazil and develops Amarante activities including a project he launched two years ago for Civil Aviation Security: Explosive Detection Dogs certified by the American Working Dog Association.

François speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.