Our team

In order to better face the new challenges in the field of security, Amarante's team integrates skills and expertise from both the military field (former executives of elite units of the French Armed Forces) and civilians (specialised engineers, graduates of elite higher education institutions).

Safety Expert - Amarante Engineering

Éric RELTGEN joined Amarante in 2019 as Safety Expert in the infrastructure protection division.

After an early career as an infantry officer, Eric served for several years in the Defense Infrastructure Service (SID) in project management and project management. He has conducted several constructions for military purposes in theaters of external operations.

He then joined the intelligence services as head of technical infrastructure security. During this period, he participated in the drafting of the physical protection component of IGI 1300.

In 2013, he left the military institution to head the Technical Security Division within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of securing diplomatic rights of way around the world.

Graduate in civil engineering and electronics, he is also Referent Security of the Ministry of the Interior (promotion 2016).