Our team

In order to better face the new challenges in the field of security, Amarante's team integrates skills and expertise from both the military field (former executives of elite units of the French Armed Forces) and civilians (specialised engineers, graduates of elite higher education institutions).

Director of Technical Expertise Departments

Alexandre Thibault is the Business Unit Director in charge of technologies protection, infrastructures protection and cybersecurity questions. He has joined Amarante in 2014 as a Manager in Kourou (French Guiana). He was in charge of the protection of the facilities, the launchers and the space systems of the French Space Centre against malicious acts.

Graduated of a Master of Science and a Master of Arts in Defence Studies, Alexandre has professional experience both in public and private sectors. Previously, he has been in charge of the national critical infrastructure protection (CIP) policy under Prime Minister supervision. The CIP policy provides a framework in which public or private critical operators can assist in implementing the national security strategy in terms of protection against malicious acts (terrorism, sabotage) and natural, technological and health risks. Formerly, he worked as an expert for the French Ministry of Defence on sensitive issues in the field of nuclear activities.